2023 Precedential Franchise & Income Tax Opinions

Decisions Month Year Cite Decision Type Issues
Red Vision Systems Inc.December20232023-OTA-561PPrecedential Late payment penalty (reasonable cause, "corrective action" under 1.338-10) (R&TC 19132; IRC 338; Reg. 1.338-10)
Electronic Data SystemsNovember20232023-OTA-539PPrecedentialStatute of limitations for FTB to issue an NPA (adequate notice of final federal determination) (R&TC 18622, 19057, 19059)
First Solar, Inc.November20232023-OTA-532PPrecedentialResearch and development (R&D) credit (IRC 41(d))
Southern Minnnesota Beet SugarAugust20232023-OTA-342PPrecedentialApportionment formula (agricultural cooperative income deduction under R&TC 24404) ; interest expense to acquire unitary entity (R&TC 24425(a)); depreciation of assets (R&TC 24425(a))
J. Buehler and D. BuehlerMay20232023-OTA-215PPrecedentialOther state tax credit (OSTC)
R. Nag and S. RuddApril20232023-OTA-150PPrecedentialCapital gain (sale of stock) (IRC 1011, 112, 1016); special dividend (economic substance, business purpose); qualified small business stock (QSBS) (R&TC 18152.5)
J. BannonFebruary20232023-OTA-096PPrecedentialLate filing penalty (R&TC 19131)
L. SmithFebruary20232023-OTA-069PPrecedentialUnitary business (holding company); business vs nonbusiness income (R&TC 25120); sale of intangible asset (R&TC 17952, 17951; Reg. 17951-4); attorneys' fees (R&TC 21013)
A. WilliamsJanuary 20232023-OTA-041P
PrecedentialCalifornia method
J. Black and T. BlackJanuary 20232023-OTA-023P
PrecedentialFederal adjustments