2024 Precedential Franchise & Income Tax Opinions

Decisions Month Year Cite Decision Type Issues
F. Seddiqui and K. SeddiquiJuly20242024-OTA-280PPending PrecedentialAdjusted basis of residence (improvements, Cohan rule) (IRC 1011, 1012, 1016)
King Solarman, Inc.May20242024-OTA-203PPrecedentialStatute of limitations for FTB to issue NPA (final federal determination) (R&TC 19060, 18622; IRC 6203); accrual method of accounting (IRC 4711; Reg. 1.466-1)
Troublefree, LLC; D. SuttonFebruary20242024-OTA-078PPrecedentialLike-kind exchange (IRC 1031)
W. GelpiFebruary20242024-OTA-072PPrecedentialCharitable contribution deduction (IRC 170); estimating fair market value (appraisal, analysis of subsequent events, etc.)
J. ShanahanFebruary20242024-OTA-040PPrecedentialStandard for granting petiton for rehearing (irregularity in proceedings, accident or surprise, newly discovered evidence, insufficient evidence, contrary to law)
J. ShanahanFebruary20242024-OTA-039PPrecedentialEstimation of income (R&TC 19087); late filing penalty (R&TC 19131); demand penalty (R&TC 19133); filing enforcement cost recovery fee (R&TC 19254)
G. DillahuntyJanuary20242024-OTA-024PPrecedentialFederal adjustments; accuracy-related penalty (R&TC 19164; IRC 6662)
W. SteffierJanuary20242024-OTA-017PPrecedentialAccuracy-related penalty (R&TC 19164; IRC 6662)